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The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics sponsors and supports five Cal Spirit Groups. The groups are Cal Cheerleading, Dance Team, Mic Men, Rally Committee and our loveable mascot, Oski. The Spirit Groups spend many dedicated hours perfecting their skills for the love of their University. The Cal Spirit groups are responsible for promoting all spirit related activities at the University of California, Berkeley. Their main purpose is to promote and uphold the California Spirit and Traditions. You can find them at all athletic events such as football, men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball matches among several Olympic Sports. In addition they act as ambassadors of the University by assisting with alumni functions, fundraising events and other formal occasions promoting Cal spirit.


Cal Cheerleading is the newest addition to athletics and an integral part of Cal Spirit! You can see the cheerleaders at all football games, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and even a few gymnastics meets and baseball games. Their primary focus is to support each program and lead the crowd before and during the game. They work with the Mic Men to lead stadium wide cheers and increase crowd participation through the use of stunting, signs and poms. They also participate in various rallies, alumni and community events. The Cal Cheerleaders hope to create new traditions, while continuing to carry on the longstanding traditions at Cal.

Cal Cheerleading

Dance Team

The Cal Dance Team consists of women who dance to traditional Cal fight songs and Cal Band rock songs. During the football season, they perform on a wooden platform that is elevated off the football field. During basketball season, the team dances on the sidelines and on the basketball court during time-outs and performs entertaining half-time productions.

Cal Dance Team

Mic Men

The Mic Men are an elite group of the Cal Spirit Squad whose sole charge is to make sure Cal Pride is always present. With their powerful voices, the Mic Men rally the crowd and create the presence of an additional teammate for Cal Athletic Teams. The Mic Men are in charge of leading yells, MCing rallies, and being a ubiquitous presence at Cal sporting events.


Oski is our loveable mascot. You can find Oski at all athletic events, university and alumni gatherings creating mischief and bringing joy and smiles to kids and adults alike.

Rally Committee

The University of California Rally Committee is the oldest student group on campus, serves the student body by upholding spirit and tradition. Above and beyond producing all rallies on campus the Committee is responsible for maintaining the Big C, display the California banner, the Cal flags, and constructing and executing card stunts at football games. Not to be forgotten is the California Victory Cannon, and when the Axe is in the possession of the University of California, the Committee is the custodian of the Axe.

University of California Rally Committee
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